Homespun Pleated Patio Door Curtain 84×84


Homespun Pleated Patio Door Curtain 84×84

Patio Door Window Treatment: Homespun Pleated Patio Door Curtain 84×84 in your choice of homespun fabrics.¬†Lined with muslin for added quality and durability.

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Homespun Pleated Patio Door Curtain 84×84

Description: Patio Door Window Treatment – Prim Country Style Patio Door

Patio doors never had it so good. Isn’t it time your Patio Doors received a fresh prim country style look?

Homespun Pleated Patio Door Curtain 84×84 IN YOUR CHOICE OF HOMESPUN FABRIC.

Pleated and Pinned Patio Door Curtain – Finish Size 84×84
Self lined with muslin for added quality and durability.
Machine washable cold water, gentle cycle, hang to dry. (No heat)


Patio Curtain Size 84 x 84
Homepun Fabric
Lined in Muslin


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Fabric Choice

Black Solid Cotton 0500, Black Tea Dyed Big Buffalo Check 0590, Black Tea Dyed Catawba Check 0051, Black Tea Dyed House Check 0054, Black Tea Dyed Mini Check 0053, Black Tea Dyed R Windowpane 0050, Black Tea Dyed Small Check 0052, Black Tea Dyed Ticking 0056, Green Solid Cotton 0400, Green T-Dyed Buffalo Ck 0490, Green T-Dyed Catawba Ck 0041, Green T-Dyed House Ck 0044, Green T-Dyed Mini Ck 0043, Green T-Dyed R Windowpane 0401, Green T-Dyed Sm Ck 0042, Green T-Dyed Ticking 0046, Navy Cream Sm Ck Plaid 0704N, Navy R Ck 0205, Navy R Windowpane 0201, Navy Solid Cotton 0200, Navy T-Dyed Buffalo Ck 0290, Navy T-Dyed Catawba Ck 0021, Navy T-Dyed House Ck 0024, Navy T-Dyed Mini Ck 0023, Navy T-Dyed Sm Ck 0022, Navy T-Dyed Ticking 0026, Neutral Brown House Ck 0094, Neutral Brown Solid Cotton 0901, Neutral Gold Solid Cotton 5000, Neutral Tea Dyed Solid Cotton 0900, Neutral Wheat Cream T-Dyed Buffalo Ck 0089, Neutral Wheat Cream T-Dyed Housecheck 0084, Neutral Wheat Cream T-Dyed Mini Ck 0083, Neutral Wheat Cream T-Dyed Sm Ck Plaid 0082, Red Cotton Solid 0300, Red Cream Checkerpane 0702R, Red Cream Multi Plaid 0701R, Red Cream Sm Ck Plaid 0704R, Red T-Dyed Buffalo Ck 0390, Red T-Dyed Catawba Ck 0031, Red T-Dyed House Ck 0034, Red T-Dyed Mini Ck 0033, Red T-Dyed R Ck 0305, Red T-Dyed R Windowpane 0301, Red T-Dyed Sm Ck 0032, Red T-Dyed Ticking 0036